Let me out!

There’s been alot of strange men in my house over the last few weeks.  Sometimes my human shuts me in a room which I don’t like, but other times I get to watch what’s going on.  Stripping paper off walls was the most interesting.  But today she put me in my box. I was very annoyed and no matter how much I wriggled or miowed she wouldn’t let me out for ages.  When she did let me out the furniture was gone – there is nowhere comfy in the front room for me to keep an eye on the garden and especially George from a few doors away.  Perhaps this is all to do with the adventure my human keeps mentioning.  Off for a sleep now.


7 thoughts on “Let me out!”

    1. I think I’m off on my adventure on Wednesday – my human keeps telling me how many days it is till we go. She took me to the vet this morning who poked and prodded me and gave me a pill. He gave my human some papers and said I’m ok to fly. I don’t know what this “fly” is though.

  1. Hey Pudding – isn’t ‘fly’ one of those annoying things that buzz around – I’m sure you enjoy chasing them so all should be good!

  2. Hei Fi,
    See I’m managing to pick up some Norwegian cat speak. But yes I like flies but they are a bit fast. Moths are my favorite thing to catch.

  3. How Funny! How are you? I’m sorry I missed your last knit out. Our loft was invaded by rodents. I was home sorting out a roof and some pest control.

    How are you liking Oslo?

    1. Stitchmelane I can’t knit! My human can though and I like to play with the strand of wool and needles. I don’t know how good I am at catching rodents, but I’m very good at catching toys.

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