My new flat is smaller than my house.  Many of you will know that I had a clearout sale to raise money for Reach, and therefore know how much stuff I had.  Note to self – never have that much stuff again – one in one out policy!  Those of you who saw how many books I had will be glad to know that I’ve joined the library.  I’ve even resisted the temptation of a 3 for 2 offer on books in English from a bookshop nearby! So I’ve gone from a kitchen, garage, dining room, lounge, bathroom, two bedrooms and a study to a kitchen, lounge, shower room and bedroom.  

The flat is in an old building and is very like Edinburgh and Glasgow tenements with two flats on each landing.  There are still many original features in the flat including a wood burning stove.  Now I have memories of my Dad clearing out our coal burning stove that used to heat the hot water during the winter.  It’s a messy job and I had to repeat the fire lighting part of my Guide camping badge (no firelighters allowed!), so I don’t know whether I’ll use it yet. 

 Here are some photos of what it looks like (without stuff in it!)

2 thoughts on “Downsizing”

  1. wow! Looks lovely. Hope you’re settling in ok…
    Pleased to see the wood burning stove comes with graphical instructions (or are they just warming their hands?!). Oh, and how come you need the heating already – is it that cold?! Or is it hot water too?!

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