What happened?

On Wednesday morning a few weeks ago my human got up early and fed me, I didn’t even have to wake her up!  But then she cleaned my litter tray and put it in a bag, I was very puzzled by this.  She took some bags out of the house and then put me in my box.  She knows I don’t like my box. I thought I was going to the vet again.  I’d only been on Monday!  My human put me in a car and we were in the car for a very long time, I complained a lot.  When the car stopped my human took me out of my box and put me in a wooden box and a strange man took me away.  I’m a bit vague about what happened next but it was very noisy, my ears popped, and it was a bit scary.  I was then taken to a strange building with strange people talking a funny language.  Eventually my human appeared and put me back in my normal box and we went on another car journey. I complained again but she didn’t let me out.  When she did eventually let me out of the box, I was in another strange place.  There was still no furniture but this time there were no carpets either!  We seem to be staying in this place and after a couple of nights on the floor and on top of my human there is now somewhere comfy for me and my human to sleep.  I’ve also got a new scratching post. 


6 thoughts on “What happened?”

  1. Oh, I did send you a message before, but it hasn’t appeared. Anyway, glad you’re settling in Pudding, and enjoying your new scratching post!

  2. Awww bless you pudding – hope it feels like home now! You look just like my cat, Nermul. He’s going on a long journey soon too – any tips? Lx

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