Thank you!

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Several people gave me presents before I left.  Thankfully, given the lack of space in my suitcase, they were small. I received a glass with flutes on (this wasn’t squeezed in but packed with my furniture and stuff so it is yet to be used) and some money from work, which has contributed to a new mattress (which Pudding seems to like). From Charlotte and Nick came a itunes card. Jaye gave me a lovely wire and bead brooch. Fiona gave me a scarf. Eadaoin made me some earrings and stitch markers.  Maria made me a washcloth (from Yarn Forward No17 for the knitters reading this) and her first time knitting with two colours – congratulations Maria!  And the Knitting Nora’s collectively made me a scarf which will keep me lovely and cosy in the Norwegian snow. So thank you to all of you!

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