A stash of yarn shops

Apologies to those in Bolton, who have a dearth of yarn shops, (though I hear there is a new shop opening in Manchester),  but there are lots of yarn shops selling lovely yarn all over Oslo.  This week I visited Husfliden. Husfliden is in the basement of Glas Magasinet and I almost found it when I came for my interview.  I’ve been before to squish and gaze lovingly at the rainbow of colours.  This week I bought some wool and a Norwegian pattern (photo of the wool below but you’ll have to wait to discover what it’s for – 2 different projects).  Husfliden don’t just sell yarn but also embroidery and other handcraft supplies.  They also sell bunads.  Bunads are the Norwegian national dress and you will see people wearing them (I have!) as they are often worn for weddings and also on the 17th of May (Constitution/National day).  The style of bunad varies according to the district you come from, with the womens’ bunads varying more than the mens.  The womens’ have embroidery and it seems fairly common to embroider your own.  Husfliden sell the various parts of the costume including ribbon, material, shoes, buttons … 

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