Tiger, tiger burning bright – statue of the week no.3

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In front of the main train station (Oslo S) in Jernbanetorget is a huge statue of a tiger, sculpted by Elena Engelsen in 2000.  Apparently Oslo is known as “Tiger City” (it’s also had another name which I’ll blog about in the future.  There doesn’t seem to be any consensus on why it’s called Tiger City.  Suggestions include because “Oslo makes its mark on you” and that it comes from a poem by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson (he also has a statue alongside Henrik Ibsen (statue of the week no.2).  Perhaps Ida Marie or another Norwegian reader can let us know what they think. Anyway, people meet at the tiger, have their photo taken by the tiger (though not me!), and children (and probably some adults) climb the tiger.

3 thoughts on “Tiger, tiger burning bright – statue of the week no.3”

  1. I would scale the tiger and knit up there. The photo of the tiger from a distance looks amazing – as if a giant tiger is prowling around and no-one is taking a blind bit of notice.
    It’s been great catching up with our blog Sophie – hope you really are settling in well and have made some lovely new friends. Sounds like you’re having a blast. Lisa x

  2. Just before I got my camera out there was a small boy standing on the tiger’s back! Lisa you’ll just have to come over (Knitting city break anyone?) and do just that!

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