Design for life

Scandinavian design is world famous, sleek, modern and easily available in Ikea.  But there is more.  At the weekend I purchased some non-Ikea Scandinavian designed things.  Two are useful – a simple silicone cylinder to wrap your headphone cord around

silicone wrap thing

, and a funky lizard suction hook (I don’t know if this is really a Scandiavian design but I bought it here, so I’m saying that it is!).  I’d quite like the lizard to be green, but it only comes in clear :-(. 

The other thing also has a useful function being a magnet, but really I bought it because it made me laugh out loud (I probably got some strange looks).  It appealled to my probably warped prosthetic sense of humour*

* If you don't understand this - google drummer and def lepard

3 thoughts on “Design for life”

  1. Why should you wrap things around your headphone?
    Clear lizard – is it a skink or a gecko? There was a man on the news cuddling up to a whitish alligator, that was a bit odd.
    Just found your man statue tossing around 4 children on another website in the snow, and thought that’s in Norway!

  2. We’ve got suction geckos too. But in oz they come in all colours! I don’t know if ours are Scandinavian either. I suspect not. Headphone gadget looks very handy! And I love the fridge magnet.

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