More cheese Gromit!

I miss cheese 😦 Not cheese in general because Norway does have cheese, but crumbly, salty, very tasty Cheshire/Lancashire/Wensleydale cheese.  I’m not fussy about which one of those 3 I have, but just to have some would be wonderful…  In Norway you can get Cheddar, cream cheese and plastic dairylea/primula cheese. You can also get French cheese, Greek feta and even Cypriot halloumi (though it breaks the bank to buy it at approx £5 for a block). Of course Norway’s very own cheeses are also available to buy.  Jarlsberg will be a Norwegian cheese you’ve seen in the supermarket. You can also get generic white cheese (hvitost) both ready sliced (skivet ost) and in blocks (Did you know that Norway invented the cheese slice?). And there is a very special Norwegian cheese  – brown cheese (brunost).  Yes, that’s right brown cheese!  It’s slightly caramelly in flavour and sticks to the roof of your mouth.  So sticky in fact that sliced brown cheese has to have sheets of plastic separating the slices.  I like brown cheese, but it’s no substitute for crumbly, salty, very tasty British cheese.

It's just not Wensleydale, Gromit

2 thoughts on “More cheese Gromit!”

  1. Surely you have La vache qui rit too? Nice with Marmite in an emergency.

    There was a man on Dave Gorman’s “Genius” show with a cheese slice dispenser. He proposed they would be fitted to fridges like ice/cold water dispenser are now.

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