Statue(s) of the week: No 5

These statues are located on Rådhus plass (City Hall Square) at the back of the Rådhus looking over the Oslo fjord.  These statues are part of a fountain, or sitting next to the fountain (and this is only a selection of them).  I’ve not managed to find out who sculpted them but I do know that the statues (perhaps not the fountain) are made of granite. 

The Rådhus plass and Aker Brygge (where the docks used to be) was a bit busy this weekend because Matstreif (a food festival) was on.  If you wished you could partake of elk and reindeer burgers, as well as organic veggies, Norwegian cheese and icecream and fish.  There were demonstrations and video screens for those who couldn’t get a seat inside the demo tent.  As well as the farmer’s market section various Norwegian brands such as Tine (who sell milk products) and supermarkets such as Coop (in Norwegian this is pronounced as one syllable as the Americans do).   What did I sample?  Some apple juice and a carrot!

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