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January 31, 2011

You thought Christmas was over didn’t you!  Well I’ve got some catching up to do on the blog so you’ll just have to transport yourself back to December (or indeed forward if your are that way inclined).  Christmas in Norway is called Jul (pronounced Yule, yes as in yule log), and it’s not as commercialised (yet) as it is in the UK.  There are still Christmas lights (but no Blackpool illuminations outside peoples houses/flats), there are Advent calendars (though they are not called advent) and there is Father Christmas but he’s known as Nisse.  Before the main event itself there are of course the Jul activities including Julemarked (markets).  I went to one at the Norskfolkemuseum (Norwegian Folk Museum), which has buildings transplanted from all over Norway.  The day we went it was very, very, very cold – so cold that my camera caught the cold air when I tried to photograph the inside of the stavekirke (stave church).


I bought a julegave there and a present for myself.  Do you like it?  It matches my dunjakke (down jacket) which is keeping me nice and warm in temperatures well below zero. 


We also saw this wonderful tie.  Would you like one for next Christmas Dad?

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