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January 31, 2011

Last Thursday evening I did a very Norwegian thing – I went gå på ski, also known as langren or cross country skiing.  I’m not a natural.  The last time I had on a pair of skis was over 20 years ago on the beginners slope at Hillend, the artificial slope in Edinburgh.  Cross country goes down slopes but not in the same way as downhill skiing but it also goes up.  When you do it properly you use almost every muscle in your body, plus if you are like me you also end up with a sore sacrum/coccyx from falling over.  It’s very common to see people with their cross country skis around Oslo as they take the t-bane (light rail/underground) to the tracks that are carved out on what in the non-winter are normally paths through the forest, by a machine.  There has apparently been some debate as to the width of the tracks.  It’s easier to ski in the tracks if you don’t have good control of them, but it makes it very hard to stop when going downhill – with the resultant effect of falling over.  Photos?  You don’t think I’d be silly enough to let anyone take photos do you?

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