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Statue of the week: 15

January 31, 2011

Per Aabel (1902 – 1999) was a Norwegian actor.  He worked at both the Central Theatre and the National Theatre as well as others.   His funeral was paid for by the state and a statue of him was unveiled outside the National Theatre in 1999. It must be him in character as it looks nothing like the photo!  

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  1. annelingua permalink
    April 29, 2011 7:40 pm

    I stumbled across your blog after following link-by-link-by-link from Ravelry – and was hugely interested by the fact that you are exploring your new hometown through statue-spotting! I love sculptures too – I actually also started photographing Oslo sculptures a few years ago, but never blogged them… Very well, I was just tempted to offer up my two cents by mentioning that you’re right presuming that the statue of Per Aabel does show him in character. The words “Jean de France” on the front explains which character – it is the lead role of the play “Jean de France” by famous Norwegian-born, Danish/Norwegian (we fight about him still!) 18th century play-wright Ludvig Holberg. Apparently one of Aabel’s most successful stage performances (well ahead of my time). I do hope you are enjoying Oslo and will keep sharing sculptures through your blog! 😀

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