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Statue of the week: number 23 Images in snow and ice

March 7, 2011

Unless you are in Oslo now, you won’t get to see this weeks statues (yes statues plural).  They are made of snow and ice and are already beginning to melt – it was about 5 degrees centigrade on Saturday!  My Norwegian winter coat is now in the cupboard and UK winter coat is back in use!!!!  The statues all have something to do with Munch, the connection is more obvious with some than others. They have been put up especially for the VM (see last weeks statue of the week), along with stalls selling Norwegian goods including elk burgers and reindeer sausages.  The medal ceremonies were held in Karl Johans gate near the sculptures. Oslo now wants to go for the 2026 winter olympics.

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  1. March 7, 2011 9:31 pm

    Better than the ice sculptures in York! Reindeer sausages, mmm, well those reindeer that the Norwegian whalers took to South Georgia in 1909 and which multiplied, will probably be culled in the near future, so maybe they will make sausage meat!

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