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Slip sliding away

March 23, 2011

Over the past few weeks Oslo has been a dangerous place.  Not dangerous in the sense of muggers, pickpockets etc but because of the temperature rising (it hit double figures yesterday!!!!!!!!).  With the increase in temperature during the day the ice (very compacted snow) on the pavements is melting, then overnight the temperature drops and it freezes.  This of course means when you head out in the morning you have to be very careful.  One preventative measure is to wear brodder

These are spikes (or solid coils) that you attach to your shoes.  There are a variety of styles and they’ve been selling well this year due to the lårhalsføre (very slippy ice that causes people to fall and break their femoral neck – the narrow part of your thigh bone). 

Also the snow on the roofs of the buildings is also melting and there are signs up warning pedestrians of falling snow and icicles.  Apparently last year a boy unfortunately was injured by an icicle falling onto his head.  The advice is to walk as close to the road as you can.

So spring is on it’s way (though the temperatures are due to drop this weekend 😦 )

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