Statue of the week: number 25

We’ve seen this artist’s work before.  He was very prolific (thanks to a big team of assistants).  This sculpture is one of his more realistic pieces.  It stands outside the National Gallery (just a few steps away from statue of the week number 20).  It’s called “Man and Woman” and was sculpted in 1905 and cast in 1907 out of bronze.  Can you tell who it is yet? (in my head that’s said in the style of Rolf Harris!)  It’s one of Gustav Vigelands.

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Let me tell you a bit more about Gustav (1869 – 1943). He was the son of a master carpenter and initially became an apprentice woodcarver.  On Christmas Eve 1888 he lost his job, but early in 1889 he showed some of his sketches to Brynjulf ​​Bergslien (we’ve seen one of his sculptures before) and Bergslien saw potential and organised some financial support for Gustav.  Gustav travelled to Copenhagen, Paris (where he met Rodin), Florence and Berlin before returning to Norway. 

That’s enough about Gustav now – there’s more of his sculptures to come in the future!

One thought on “Statue of the week: number 25”

  1. This is one of my favorite sculptures in Oslo! I’m so happy to see it featured in your blog. In my mind it is true to Vigeland’s style in that it captures deep human emotion (this is true too of his chunky sculptures). Takk for det!

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