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Statue of the week: number 27

April 6, 2011

I’m returning this week to the National Gallery.  The building was the subject of Høgskole i Oslo’s April Fools joke on Friday.  The joke was that HiO had acquired the building and art and engineering were to move in.  It’s a really nice building and would be a wonderful acquisition but it was not to be!  Anyway back to the statue…

It’s sculpted by Stephan Sinding (1846 – 1922) who was Norwegian/Danish.  He moved to Copenhagen in 1883 and became a Danish citizen in 1890.  Wikipedia says that he moved to Paris in 1810 but as he wasn’t even born then I think this is unlikely 🙂 Actually it seems to correct itself further down and says he moved in 1910 which is more likely! As well as this weeks statue he is responsible for statues of the week 2 & 3b (Bjørnsen). 

This week the statue is of Vølund Smed, a character from a Norsk saga.  Vølund was the son of a Finnish king and he and his 2 brothers fell in love with 3 women.  They lived together for many years until one day the women dissappeared. They searched for the women but Vølund was captured and had to work for the Swedish king.  Vølund ending up killing the king’s two sons and getting his daughter pregnant.  He then fled from his captures. The story doesn’t quite feel finished but there appears to be no more – you’ll have to make up your own.

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