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Statue of the week: number 32

May 16, 2011

A little trip this week to Norway’s neighbour Sweden and the town of Jönköping (in Swedish the k is pronounced like a sh).  I was there for work but had a little time to take a few photos of one of their statues.  The statue is of Johan Printz, the first governor of  New Sweden.

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What do you mean you’ve never heard of New Sweden?  Well to be honest neither had I.  It was part of the USA consisting of parts of modern-day Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and Philadelphia, in the 17th century when Sweden encompassed part of Norway, all of Finland, parts of Russia, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Germany. It was surrendered to the Dutch (New Netherlands) in 1655, but the Dutch governor allowed a Swedish Nation to continue until 1681 until William Penn (of Pennsylvania) came along and was given a charter for part of the area.

Unlike his statue, which is quite small and dinky, Johan Printz was apparently 400 pounds in real life.

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