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There’s something rotten….

June 30, 2011

….in the state of Denmark.  No I haven’t had a trip to Denmark but I have been to see Hamlet. It was a touring version by The Globe, with 8 actors,  2 stage hands (one who is on stage quite alot of the time), simple wardrobe changes and a sparse, but effective “mobile” stage. All the actors, except Joshua McGuire who plays Hamlet, play more than one part, and this version lasts approx 2 1/2 hours.  They started and finished with some singing, and the whole performance was excellent.  They were performing at Akershusfesting (Akershus fortress) outside.  The day before had been raining and rain was forecast for the day after. Luckily for us, apart from threatening to rain at the start of the 2nd half when almost everyone madly put on their waterproofs, it stayed dry – hurray!  The tour ends up in Elinsore – very appropriate – but could be coming to an outdoor venue near you.  Check out the link to find out where they are going.  We weren’t allowed to take photos during the performance but here’s the stage before they started – click on the photo to see a larger version – for some reason I can’t make them larger today.

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