K1, P2

There has been some knitting happening over the last few months and quite a lot of it has been for babies – my new niece (Maisie) and nephew (Ruan).  Having now knitted 3 (another for my cousin’s son Harry and I now have to knit another for his sister/brother!) of these in the last year I am now very fed up of knitting these Hamishes but they are quite cute.

So here are Hamish number 8 together with Maisie) and 9 – I’ve no photo of him with Ruan 😦

4 thoughts on “K1, P2”

  1. My Maisie was soooo little when that picture was taken! She’s so big now! Will have to get Hamish out for her to play with now. Very Hungry Caterpillar long sleeve vests have been retired to the box of too small clothes.

  2. Sorry – Archie! Hamish is the camp Highland cow that I made. He is going to come out of the toy box! Just been looking at your stuff on ravelry.

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