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September – a busy month

November 27, 2011

September was a busy month is Oslo.  The holidays are over and the normal (as opposed to tourist) population has returned from their summer holidays, schools are back and the snow has not yet come.  This therefore makes it a good month for outdoor events.  On the same Saturday in September it was both the Majorstua markeds dag (market day) and an event celebrating old buses and trams.

Market day involves the whole of Hegdehaugs veien and Bogstadveien (the main road, and large shopping district, from Slotsparken to Majorstua) being closed to all traffic (including the trams) and the shops that line the road put out stalls and sell reduced price/special offer goods.  It’s very busy.

The buses and trams are normally found in the transport museum at Majorstua but on this day they were located between Rådhusplass and Aker Brygge.  They had old trams and buses from Oslo and elsewhere in Norway.

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  1. November 28, 2011 10:04 am

    Looks as crowded as yesterday at St. Nicholas’ Fair in York!

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