I can’t believe it’s not

BUTTER!!!!  Please send some. Norway has run out – about 2 weeks ago.

No I am not joking, Norway really has run out of butter.  This is a big problem because it’s baking season.  It’s traditional to bake 7 types of cakes/biscuits for Christmas.  Why has Norway run out of butter?  Tine (the biggest dairy product producer who to all intents and purposes have a monopoly) are giving lots of excuses – low carbohydrate diets are the main excuse (these are in fashion – Atkins apparently didn’t get to Norway). So the government has reduced the tax on imported butter from 25% (yes really!) to 4%. Hopefully some will arrive soon.

3 thoughts on “I can’t believe it’s not”

  1. Well go and buy some cream, find an empty jam jar and some marbles and start shaking! Easily solved sister dearest!

    1. Oh, that reminds me that we made butter with Mrs Anthony in P3/4. Perhaps that was to go with our rolls with chocolate in the middle (I think she’d been to France and had pain au chocolat (I’ve no idea how to spell that in French – can you tell?)

      1. You made it in P3/4? We made it in P2 with Mrs Ford and then P4 with Miss Butler.
        Have you made any yet?

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