Statue of the week: number 48

The next 4 statues of the week are residents of a small (very small) park (actually I don’t think you can call it a park it’s that small). It’s called Halfdan Kjerulfs plass and trams number 11, 17 and 18 pass by it on their way between Holbergs plass and Tullinlokka.  There are actually 5 statues in the grassy area but because it’s winter, one is covered up to protect it from the cold, so that will appear once it’s little wooden house is removed.

So number one of the other 4 is of Adolph Tideman (1814 – 1876). Adolph was a Norwegian painter, who studied in Oslo, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf.  He is the painter of one of the most well known Norwegian paintings (apparently, well maybe in Norwegian circles) Brudeferd i Hardanger, together with Hans Gude.  In fact Brudeferd i Hardanger connects all of this group of four statues

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