Statue of the week: number 47


It’s been a while, I know.  But at long last here is statue 47.  The photo was taken before Christmas, but I just haven’t felt like blogging.  But now spring is here!!!!!!  I was out in my sandals today – everyone else was still wrapped up in winter boots, wool and puffa jackets.  Even David decided it was spring – go check out his blog post.

So, statue 47.  It’s a fountain as well, but all water to fountains is turned off during the winter, due to the tendency of water to freeze at 0 degrees. It’s located near the T-bane station at Tøyen, but if you’re going to Tøyen to visit the Munch Museum or the Botanic Garden then you’re likely to miss it because it’s in the opposite direction, located near the shops

The statue/fountain has 3 figures who are collecting water from a pump.  There was no information attached, and my google searching has turned up no results.  Anyway here it is.

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